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Carnegie Event Videos

Panel 1

Thank you to those who attended our events this week. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, check out these videos from the Carnegie Endowment’s March 25th event “India Decides 2014: Assessing the Elections and Beyond.”

Panel 1: Introduction and Presentation of Survey Results

Featuring Jessica Tuchman Mathews, George Perkovich, Milan Vaishnav, Rajiv Lall, and Devesh Kapur

Panel 2: Implications of the 2014 Election

Featuring Devesh Kapur,  Ashley J. Tellis, Arvind Subramanian, and Ravi Agrawal

You can also view Milan’s presentation here.

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Milan Vaishnav discusses Lok Survey on Bloomberg TV

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Economy Tops Voters Minds

The Lok Survey was covered by the Business Standard and the Indian Express on Thursday. Both articles highlight our findings on what issues will influence voters the most at the ballot box. The survey data showed that across the board economic issues were among the largest driving factors for all voters. Caste or identity politics was not shown to be a primary election issue for any but a small minority of voters.

An analysis of election issues is the subject of the second installment of our 4-part series on the Lok Survey results which will be published in the Times of India this Sunday so stay tuned for more detailed results and analysis. Read the first TOI piece here.

In the meantime, check out: “NDA makes gains as economy tops voters minds: Survey” from the Business Standard and “Economy tops voters’ minds, caste takes backseat” from the Indian Express. 

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5 Big Indian Election Myths- Financial Times

Financial Times ran a recent story about the Lok 2014 Pre-election Survey results titled, “India elections, survey shatters five big election myths.” The “5 Myths of Indian elections” is in reference to a recent presentation of survey findings by Devesh Kapur of CASI and Milan Vaishnav of the Carnegie Endowment. In it, they busted the following widely held misconceptions about the Indian voter:

  1. Regionalism is surging
  2. Good economics DOES NOT equal good politics
  3. Voters are fed up with dynasties
  4. Lack of information breeds criminality
  5. Vote your caste, not cast your vote

Over the next few weeks, we will highlight how data from the Lok 2014 Pre-election Survey debunks these myths so stay tuned and follow this blog.