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Rethinking undergraduate education in the IITs

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Anurag Mehra

Anurag Mehra

This summer’s CASI Visiting Scholar, Anurag Mehra, is a professor of Chemical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. He is also the author of the latest India in Transition (IiT) article about the need for reform of the IIT undergraduate system.  From coaching-induced burnout to student disinterest in technical fields to teacher apathy, Mehra exposes how India’s most celebrated academic institution may be falling short of its initial objective.

“The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) were founded almost five decades ago with the objective of providing technological leadership to a new and resurgent India, driven by Nehru’s deep commitment to science-led development. Whether they provided technological leadership to India or not remains debatable given the large numbers of their (under) graduates who have migrated abroad or have shifted to non-technical careers. India has changed much since the Nehruvian vision, begging the questions: how have the IITs adapted and how relevant are these institutions today, in particular their core undergraduate programs?” Continue reading…



One thought on “Rethinking undergraduate education in the IITs

  1. Nothing will change. Coaching factories will thrive and many kids who deserve to be in IIT will leave out, as they don’t like this Indian Education system which offer no creativity. Besides, the role of IIT itself must be questions. The best thing for entire Indian population will be to shut down the IIT, oh yes, but then people will say, hey we are pride of India, we have changed the perception of India from snake charmers. Silicon vallye boasts of many IIT owned code factory shops and blah blah. Fact is that IITs have failed to full nehru’s vision, who himself was a frustrated visionary. Frustrated people produce environment which evokes frustration. I travelled IIT and what an eye opening day it was for me. Whatever perception I had about IIT, it got broken. I used to think that they are a great institute which fosters creativity and nurtures talent, but they are an institute which fails to produce humans. IIT evoked no positive response inside of me, or in simple words, it did not inspire me.


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