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Dynastic politics are here to stay

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This morning the Washington Post published an article, India’s new parliament is not as new as you think about the continuing hold of dynastic politics in India. The author contextualizes dynasticism in politics by comparing it to the US and discusses reasons why Indian voters might prefer dynastic candidates. He pulls from the research of Fall 2013 CASI Visiting Scholar, Patrick French, who has done extensive research on political dynasties in India including for his his 2011 book India: A Portrait. Read his January 2014 India in Transition article on the subject.

The new attention to dynastic politics emerges after a recent preliminary report that at least 130 of the new MPs elected in the 2014 election are from political families indicating little deviation from previous years. This was anticipated in our own pre-election research which found that 46% of Indian have no problem with supporting a dynastic candidate. The reasons given for supporting dynasticism are listed in the table below.

Source: Lok Pre-election Survey 2014

Source: Lok Pre-election Survey 2014

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