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Check out the latest from CASI:

  • CASI Spring 2014 Visiting Fellow, Ambassador Jayant Prasad, has written a brilliant opinion piece in The Hindu on how US-India relations can be revitalized under the new Indian
  • CASI Director, Devesh Kapur, has published a paper in the latest volume of the Annual Review of Political Science called “Political Effects of International Migration”. He presents a framework for understanding the channels through which international migration has political consequences and then outlines some of the consequences on institutions, conflict, and political economy.
  • Dr. Kapur and Milan Vaishnav, Associate at the Carnegie Endowment, contributed to the 10-part series on the post-election national agenda, a partnership between Carnegie Endowment and Mint. Read their article, “Strengthening India’s rule of law“, which is an adaptation of a chapter they have contributed to the forthcoming book Getting India Back on Track: An Action Agenda for Reform which will be out next week.

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