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CASI Director, Devesh Kapur

CASI Director, Devesh Kapur

CASI Director Devesh Kapur’s latest op-ed in the Business Standard discusses why so few Indians choose to immigrate to mainland Europe.

Over the last half century, an increasing number of Indians have gone overseas to work or study or join their families. Many of them have settled in these countries and they (and their descendents) form part of the Indian diaspora. A striking characteristic of Indian migration to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries is its concentration in Anglo-Saxon countries, with the US, UK, Canada and Australia having the largest numbers of people born in India. Indeed, of the countries where Indians rank among the top 15 of the foreign born, only two – Italy and Finland – are in Europe. Italy is the only European country with a sizeable Indian-born population. Continue reading…

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